Annual Property Tax

Property taxes are annual government tax levied to help fund local program and services such as parks, schools, rescue services etc. The amount is based on the property assessment value.

Property Tax Notice

Property Tax Notices are issued late May. Payments are always due the first business day of July to avoid late penalties. If you did not receive your property tax notice by mid June, it is your responsibility to contact your local tax department.

Advance Tax Notice (City of Vancouver)

If you own a property in the city of Vancouver, you will receive an Advance Tax Notice prior to the main Property Tax Notice. Advance Tax Notices contain half of your yearly tax payment and adjustments if any. They are issued in late November and payments are always due the second business day in February

How to Pay

Payments for property taxes can be made online, by mail, at the bank, or at city hall. 

Home Owner Grant

To qualify for a home owner grant, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada,
  • living in B.C. and
  • reside in the property as your primary residence

A basic grant of $570 may be given if you are under 65 years of age. Additional grant may be given to seniors, veterans, persons with disabilities, living with a spouse or relative with disabilities or a spouse of relative of a deceased owner. You must apply for your home owner grant each year and the application must be received by your property tax due date.

Only one qualifying owner can claim a grant for a residence each year. The owner who qualifies for the higher grant amount should be the one to apply.

If you missed the July deadline, you can still apply for current year’s grant before December 31, penalties may apply. If you qualified for the grant on December 31st of last year and you are still the registered owner, you can apply for last year’s grant retroactively before December 31.