Empty Home Tax

The Empty Home Tax is a separate tax from the Speculation and Vacancy Tax that applies only to property owners in the city of Vancouver.

One owner of each residential property in Vancouver is required to submit a property status declaration to determine if their property is subject to the tax on or before the 2nd business day in February each year.

Late declarations will open several days after. You will be required to pay or dispute your bylaw fine before you can declare.

Properties not Subject to the Tax

Most properties will not be subject to the Empty Homes Tax, including those:

  • Used as a principal residence by the owner, his/her family member or friend, or other permitted occupier for at least six months of the 2018 tax year
  • Rented for residential purposes for at least six months of the current year, in periods of 30 or more consecutive days
  • Meeting the criteria for one of the exemptions 

Other Exemption Requirements:

  • Court order prohibiting occupancy
  • Strata restrictions on rental
  • Limited property use 
  • Owner in care – residing in hospital, long term or supportive care facility
  • Property uninhabitable – vacant land, heritage property or part of phased development
  • Undergoing major renovations or redevelopment with all the necessary permits
  • Leased land
  • Listed for sale or transferred – transfer of legal ownership during the tax year. Note: If a property was empty for more than six months solely because it was listed for sale, the tax will apply.
  • Owner passed away and a grant of probate was pending

Tax Rate & Due Date

Properties deemed empty will be subject to a tax of 1% of the property’s 2018 assessed taxable value. Empty Home Tax payment is due before April 12, 2019.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions pertaining to your situation.