Wilson is a self-motivated realtor with great attitude. . He is knowledgeable and he has a good understanding of the housing market. One thing I was impressed was his honesty. He gave us honest advice on all the houses that we looked at. He is personable and he pays attention to the needs of his clients. He is confident in his abilities and he makes smart decision, which helped us close the deal. He was able to provide a list of connections include lawyers, home inspectors and mortgage specialists. He made our house hunting a smooth process. My husband and I are looking forward to working with him again. Thank you, Wilson!

– Cora Chan

Don’t be fooled by Wilson’s politeness and gentle manner into thinking he is not an aggressive realtor or he doesn’t know what he is doing. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Wilson has guided us through both our buying and selling processes in 2016. His professionalism and experience along with his dedication to clients is beyond impressive. For our house’s sale, after 3 consecutive weekends of open house, Wilson suggested we should rest for one week and especially on a long weekend in the summer time which could be slow in open house traffic, but on the long weekend Saturday, he called and said he has cancelled his short get away trip and to setup the open house on the Sunday. And by Monday, the house was sold. That is pure dedications and perseverance in full display. As for the purchase especially during the bidding war era, Wilson has helped us found our dream home at a price we are comfortable with even though it was our 3rd attempt after losing on the first two houses (outbid). Since then anyone that asked me if I know any trustworthy realtor, Wilson is the name that I tell them along with the stories from above.

– William Chau

Wilson is a very attentative person.  He understands my needs and concerns, and is very professional in providing advice and market analysis.  His response is quick, efficient and always gave practical advice during the negotiation process.  He guided me step by step throughout the whole process in purchasing my property.   Wilson is very friendly and I feel very comfortable in working with him.  Besides providing advise on property purchase, he also provides referrals for other relevant services in property purchase process, e.g. lawyers, surveyors and cleaners etc., providing comprehensive and smooth services.   I referred Wilson to my sister-in-law who had also successfully purchased her property through him.  I have no hesitation in referring Wilson to my friends who are interested to purchase or sell property in Vancouver.

– Caterina Chiu

Wilson helped sell our childhood home, and we couldn’t have asked for someone better to work with. Wilson is professional and personable which makes him the best kind of agent! For us selling this home was a very emotional process, Wilson really understood this and even gifted us with a framed painting of our home once the entire selling process was completed. I would recommend choosing Wilson and his team for all of your real estate needs. Once again Wilson thank you for everything.

– Emeet Grewal

I was referred to Wilson by several co workers who praised his skills and abilities. Wilson was always in constant contact with me regarding listings, preferences, market updates and questions I needed answered. The best thing Wilson did for me was being straight forward, honest and upfront about everything. This really made the whole experience positive for me knowing I wasn’t getting taken advantage of. I would highly recommend Wilson as a realtor in all aspects and vouch for his abilities and professionalism.

– Raymond Toy

I worked with Wilson to buy my first home in 2004 and am now working with him again on a sale and purchase of a new home. Purchasing and selling a home is a big life decision and there’s no one I would trust more than Wilson to assist me with the process. He walks you through everything step by step. His reliability and trustworthiness is reassuring in a process that can be stressful at times. Thank you Wilson for all that you do.

– Elaine

Buying your first home can be intimidating, but it was simple and stress-free with Wilson’s assistance. Wilson Chiu is a very professional, and responsible representative that will definitely meet all your expectations whether you are buying or selling. His advice are always honest and solid
contrary to many other agents I have come across. It has been wonderful working with Wilson, and there is no doubt that I will be in touch for my next real estate adventure.

– Walter Lam

Wilson was great with our sale.

The condo we put on the market was in a building that had some issues, Wilson navigated them all, giving us a lot of good advice on the way.
We also had a tenant in the condo and Wilson was able to work with her to organise viewings, and when we got an offer managed the buyers throughout the process.
We would definitely recommend him, and will look for his help next time we need a realtor.

– Mike Bates

Wilson is a hard working and responsible realtor. He cares about his customers and doesn’t only aim for completing a transaction. When I was looking for a condo, he checked out all the suitable complexes in advance and told me which building had problems and which ones didn’t. When I was experiencing other unrelated issues, he called and gave me advice as well. If you don’t want to end up buying a place with leakage etc., I would highly recommend working with Wilson as he is quite knowledgeable on most buildings and neighborhoods in the Greater Vancouver area.

– Helen Lau

I was grateful to have Wilson as my realtor. As a returning resident, he has made me life a lot easier by sharing his knowledge with me on the real estate market, schooling and things I need to settle in. He did not rush me into making a decision of buying a property, instead he provided me a number of scenarios and options for me to decide what is the most suitable for my family. Thanks again Wilson for the great experience and I would recommend you to anyone!

– June Chan

Wilson helped me purchase my 1st house and the overall experience was exceptional. He went above and beyond in helping me and made everything easy for me. He understands my needs and is very knowledgeable about my market. His experience in real estate serves him very well in this role. Highly recommending Wilson to anyone looking to sell or buy.

– Kenny Ho

With Wilson as my realtorI had a great experience purchasing my first house. He listened to our needs, requirements and possible some rants about the Vancouver property market and he took these all in, while being extremely patient and straightening out my concerns. Wilson is also a detail oriented professional, and it is essential for first time home buyers to have a realtor who walks you through every step necessary. However the best quality about Wilson is honesty, as he would have no reservation telling you what developers not to trust. It’s clear that he genuienly values the industry and he carries himself with dignity.

– Ken Yeung

Wilson Chiu is the best realtor ! This wonderful guy always give us a lot of advice and positive comments. He is not just a realtor he is also like our financial agent and our home inspector. He is very experience and knowledgeable to help us everything we need to know before buying our first home. I am so thanksful and so glad that he never push us to buying house he even turned down us for not buying certain places that I really liked it. English is our second language , although some of the contract is very difficult to understand , he has lots of patience to go through one by one with us. I was also very surprised that he is very famous , everytime we see the house , everybody knows him very well and he had lots of clients too. However, he can still manage very well, compare to my previous realtor , always pass me with the assistant . What can I say to Wilson chui , the best of the best! Thank you very much for everything ! After buying my house I just realized my home value gone up right away I am so happy . I will definitely rely on you for my next home purchase! Cheers !

– Mandy Tong

My wife and I decided to buy an apartment in 2017 after we moved from Toronto five years ago. We started searching online in the beginning but we found we needed more informations other than those had been posted. We have seen a few realtors but Wilson is the most outstanding. He is helpful, trustworthy, honest, knowledgeable, patience and never pushy. We are very picky and we set a list of criterias for the potential listings to match. This is the reason why we had spent almost a year before we finally found our dream home. We feel treasure for Wilson’s opinions before and after the purchase, every time we look around in our unit, we glad we took his advice for the renovations. We are highly recommend that Wilson to be you realtor and you will eventually become friends like we do.

– W Mark

2016年回到加拿大生活, 第一件事就是要買樓,但是手上資金不足,只好看平價樓,好老實說不容易遇上一個好的經紀,我碰碰運氣隨便在綱上找過不同的經紀,他們對我的態度非常差,可能我買的樓是細屋,簡直唔想做我生意,直到我找到這位經紀(Wilson),他不但沒有嫌棄我很多要求,好老實銀碼細要求多多,“不如不好做這個客,做多幾單買賣大屋的客啦”,但沒有這樣做,他起碼來來回回去了至少15間屋看及提供詳細正面意見給我,我好感謝他,及我現在會轉新屋亦是找他幫忙。

– Duck Di


– Con L


– Raymond Leung


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